My Dream !

Assalamualaikum everybody :) So long time i not update my blog . Hahaha busy ? No laa but i dont have time to update this blog and always at twitter and instagram :D why i speak in english -.- okay okay gunalah bahasa kita ;) apa ? result spm ? bolehh laa and lulus semua subjek , Alhamdulillah . Okay back to our topic opps kembali ke tajuk kita pada hari ini saat ini masa ini dan situasi ini . Dream or Angan2 or Idaman right ? I have lot dream and i fervently wish that all my dream wil become be reality in my life . I know everybody have lot of dream in their life . Anyting they think , and sometimes when we watched drama or movie , we want that happend to that movie or drama are happen to us too right ? Jyeahh i know ! Same goes like me ! So many dream i have for instance :

First , i really want to travel to Mecca and Paris . InsyaAllah , kalau ada rezeki sampailahh saya ke Mekah . Paris ? Arghhhhh ! i really really want to see Eiffle Tower in front of my eyes . So to future husband come on honeymoon at Paris :P

Second ,  i dream that one guys special proposed me in front of my parents with rose and ring :D And i dream i have a big surprise from one guys special that can give me a happy and unforggetable moment ever . And then , one guys special that romantic and can make me melting . Hehehe :D

Third , i want to my own car . My dream car is Bettle and Swift . Arghh really want it .

For your information i really many dreams but masa tak mengizinkan utk saya bercerita panjang . So see your next time dear :) Bye . Assalamualaikum .


Terima Kasih Sebab Membaca Cerita Saya ♥

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